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  • How does it work?

Remember last time you created something new - a lego construct, a new cake, painting etc. Whatever you did, you (or someone else) must have designed it first, then implemented that design in practice and, finally, tested it to make sure you got the right object instantiated. Design, implement and test it. Simple like that. According to storied multiverse, same strategy applies when creating the whole new world.


  • Stormul Laboratory

You can design and instantiate your own world (including people populating that world) by yourself. Beware, however, that you may not be able to instantiate a new design by yourself. You chances to succeed will scale up when you team up with other people. You can, for example, build a new community (or join the established one) and then design and sustain a particular world-vision together with the members of that community.


To facilitate this task, we are offering a Storied Multiverse Laboratory (stormul) – a web-platform comprising a WIKI engine and a Learning Management System (LMS). Consider it an online social platform developed for communities of people endorsing and practicing particular life-styles. Unlike other established platforms, a feature characteristic to stormul is that it builds on the multiverse theory advocating the existence of many different, all real worlds. Each of these worlds is sustained through the collective effort of the community of people practicing a particular life-style.  


You can install your own stormul-laboratory on your own server by following instructions on Members of your community collaborate on WIKI to build a description of their world. Having that description established, they proceed further to transform this theoretical construct (the description of the world) into the real object. The LMS is a place where they learn practices (skills, habits, virtues) driving this transformation.


The technology underpinning stormul is not particularly polished yet but it is solid enough for you to follow instructions on and have your own stormul-laboratory set up on your server. That is all you need to start designing a new world and building a community of practitioners to instantiate and sustain it.


  • Storied Multiverse

Now, don’t be intimidated by the term “new world”. Consider it an abstract place-holder for a meaning. Eventually, it will be up to you to decide what kind of meaning you attach to it and whether it will be referring to something broad and vague or something narrow and very specific. You can take it, for example, to mean a particular culture, or a life-style, or the whole big world encompassing the entire universe and all objects in that universe. According to storied multiverse, all these interpretations make sense and it is up to you to select the one that suits you best. The good news is that whatever you choose, the multiverse theory is flexible enough to accommodate your choice and offer you sufficient resources to deal with it.  


Another good news is that you don’t have to be an expert in storied multiverse to create and sustain your own world. A simple strategy outlined above (design, implement and test it) must be sufficient in most cases to accomplish this task. On the other hand, if you believe in a single truth and feel uneasy about many established belief systems contradicting each other then have a look on the theory underpinning a storied multiverse (


The theory of storied multiverse explains major contradictions between different belief systems without requiring most of them to be false (as the monoverse vision would do). It generalises our simple strategy (design, implement and test) across both the domain of artificial objects and the domain of natural (non-artificial) objects. According to this vision, all it takes to create a new world is (a) invent a more or less coherent description of that world (i.e. design it) and (b) follow instructions to turn that theoretical construct into a particular real object (i.e. instantiate it). Once you have instantiated that new world, you test it and then sustain it through practices.


  • Outlook for the future

Our outlook for the future is an evolving multiverse of online communities, each community representing a particular vision of the world to be instantiated and sustained through human practices. We envisage people travelling across these worlds and learning many different ways that a human being, communities and their environments can be. We consider this multiverse also a research project aiming at a collection of new worlds populated by new people.