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  • The founder is the owner of the site responsible for the proper functioning of his/her site.


  • The founder can acces both the frontend and the backend of the site.


  • The founder has the Super-User rights and can create, edit, publish/unpublish any article on the site.


  • The founder manages enrollment of new teachers on the site.


  • The founder is the owner of an account receiving online payments from students and teachers

       (unless a particular course or resources enabling that course are offered for free)


  • The founder specifies parameters of online payments by configuring subscription plans


  • There is a separate subscription plan for every individual teacher and every group of students attending a particular class (see figure below).



                   Figure 1 Schermatic representation of the subscription plans required by stormul-site 



  • How to configure subscription plan and assign a new teacher to the established class 

      Click here


  • How to setup new stormul-site

     Select "Quick Start" from the menu on the right and  follow instructions


  • How to publish/unpublish existing class

    Login to the backend:  https://yourdomain/administrator

    Goto:  Content->Featured Articles

     Select the featured article representing your class

    Click on: Publish (Unpublish)


  • How to publish/unpublish teacher's registration link for a class

    Login to the backend: (for example, https://yourdomain/administrator)

   Go to: Menus->TeacherClass#

     Select first menu item

     Click on: Publish/Unpublish


  • How to create new class from scratch

     Click here


  • How to configure payment plugin

    The payment plugin on Stormul comprises both a collection of subscription plans for teachers and students, and specifications for the receiving acccount owned by the founder

  •      To learn how to configure payment plugin, click on this link 

                 How to configure payment plugin

  •      See also documentation on the subscription plugin from the developers:


  •      Discussion forum