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Follow instructions on this page to install your own stormul-site




1. Register your domain name 

A domain name (eg is your address on the internet. The domain name consists of two parts: top level domain (eg com, net, org, etc) and second level domain (eg the name of your business). Every domain name must be unique. There are many domain-name registrars available online. You can choose any of these to register your own domain name. An example below shows how to register domain-name with GoDaddy (


      1.1 How to register domain with GoDaddy


 2. Create your Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Now that you have registered your domain name (eg, you need a server that will host your web-site. You can have this server created either on your own machine or have it established in clouds. An example below shows how to create your Virtual Private Server in clouds with the DigitalOcean Cloud Hosting Provider (  


      2.1 How to create server on Digital Ocean


Your new server is identified by its IP address (a set of numbers separated by dots). You want it to be identified by your domain name. To map the domain name to the IP address, you must configure Domain Name Server (DNS). 


      2.2 How to configure DNS on Digital Ocean


 3. Install Stormul web-site on your server

At this stage you have your domain name established and your server up and running. The next step is to configure your server environment and install your web-site on it. To acomplish this step, first, signup on as a "Founder":


      3,1 How to register on Stormul


Then you you can either install your web-site by yourself or have it installed for you through the Auto-Install procedure.

(i) The Auto- Install includes an automatic installer which will install your web-site and configure your server environment (e.g. it will set firewall rules, install sertification and SSL to make sure your internet messages are encrypted, configure virtual hosts, set right permissions on files and directories, set time synchronisation, swap file etc.). To have it installed and configured for you automatically, checkout this link: 


      3.2 How to Auto-Install Stormul web-site


(ii) Alternatively, you can download Stormul web-site software for free and then configure the server and install this software by yourself (see some tips in the "Admin resources"). To download it, login as a Founder to and click on the "Free download" link (on the left side of the page).


Your new site must look like this one, except of missing Captcha-Recaptcha on the login form. You need Captcha-Recaptcha to filter out spam registrations created by bots (unless, of course, you do not mind deleting them manually). To install Captcha-Recapture, you can either jump straight to (How to set Captcha-Recaptcha), or first learn basic navigation tips for Joomla and then proceed with installing the Captcha-Recaptcha plugin. 


First Steps


Having installed the Captcha-Recaptcha completes the installation of your web-site.


Congratulations !!! Your new site now is ready for you to populate it with a new content.

Remember that you can make this world a better place to live.


Business side

If you do not plan to receive payments online, you can skip this section. 

This section outlines only general guiding principles on how to receive payments online with Stormul. These principles may or may not be applicable to your case. Remember that requirements for running business online vary across countries and across regions. We recommend you to consult with local experts in order to have in-depth understanding of issues concerning your business in your country and your area. 

To receive payments online on your web-site, you will have to register your business, register PayPal business account, and have configured payment plugin on your site. Check out these links for more details


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