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Click "QuickStart" on the navigation bar to start installing your own stromul-site.

Keep reading this page to learn more about stormul.


Use the content menu on the right-hand side of the screen to navigate through this site. 


What is a stormul-site ?

  • An online edication platform comprising of a discussion forum, local wiki-site, placeholder for lectures and online payment interface.


What can I do with Stormul ?

  • Make it your own web-site.
  • Create and deliver your lectures to students online (either for free or for a fee).
  • Team-up with other lecturers and integrate your courses into a speciality (turn it into a "private university").
  • Teach your customers how to use your products and build communities around these products.
  • Establish social groups to learn and practice skills or habits (eg healthy-diet, virtue ethics, smoking quitters etc.).
  • Publish your book and have a community of your readership established on your site.
  • ... 


Best suited for

  • Individuals, small teams and small businesses.



What it looks like? 

  • When you install your own stormul-site, it will look like this one ( Login to that site with username "student1" and password "student1" to see more details. 



  • You can register on Stormul as either a Founder, or a Teacher, or a Student
  • To lauch your own Stormul-site, register on ( as a Founder (read Quick Start first). The Founder will have Super-User rights on his new site and will be authorised to access both the fronend and the backend of his site (backend here refers to the site administration tools). 
  • To run new course, register on a new site as a Teacher. The Teacher will have permissions to create and edit the content of his own course. The Teacher will not be able to access the backend of the site (see instructions for teachers).
  • A registered Student can access and review courses but cannot create or edit new content and does not have permissions to access the backend of the site. 



Do I have to be a programmer to install and run stormul?

  • No. You do not have to be an expert in programming in order to set up and run Stormul-site. You can install and maintain Stormul-site yourself following simple instructions (see Quick Start). 




  • When you install your site through the "Auto-Install", it will have basic security features implemented (e.g. firewall rules on the server, certification and SSL encryption, secure permisions for files and directories, strong passwords, etc). These features will protect your site against many attacks but they do not make it invincible. Have a copy of your site stored elsewhere. For a high-risk bussiness consider hiring IT professionals. Remember, it is your responsibility to ensure security of your site. 


Who owns software underpinning Stormul-site?

  • You have full acces to the souce code and you own software underpinning your site.


How to customise Stormul-site ?


Major steps involved in the Installation procedure

  1. Register new domain name (unless you already have one).
  2. Create your new server.  
  3. Install Stormul web-site.



  • The cost of registering a domain-name varies from one registrar to another. Do your own research. You must be able to find a registrar charging 10 to 15 $USD (or even less) per year for a domain-name.
  • One month payment for a server on Digital Ocean (, at the time of writing this page, was starting from 5 $USD.
  • The Stormul software (our product) you can have for free.
  • You can install your site either yourself (free of charge) or via "Auto-Install". When installing it via "Auto-Install" you will be asked to pay for this service $10 USD.



  • You can register your domain name within a few minutes. To have this name propagated through the Internet and fully established could take from a few minutes to up to 24 hours.
  • Once you have your domain name is established, it should take less than 45 min to configure your server and install your site. 


How do I get and install Stormul ?

  • Auto-Install

You can download Stormul software and install your site  following a set of simple instructions given in "Auto-Install". You don't have to be a programmer to accomplish this task. See "Quick Start" for further details.

  • Manual Installation

You can download Stormul software from "" for free and then install it yourself on your server. To accomplish this task, you must have an expertise in web-development.  See "Quick Start" for further instructions.