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  • Login to the backend.
  • Go to

         Components -> Membership Pro -> Subscription Plans 


  • There are teacher and student subscription plans specific to every individual class. Through these subscriptionsthe Founder can specify payment details for students attending a particular class, and also payment details for teachers. Teacher are assumed to rent resources on this site to deliver lectures to students.

A schematic representation of the subscription plans 


  •   Click on one of the established plans as shown below.


  • On this page you can set payment details for the subscription plan (i.e. the cost of the subscription, the duration of the subscription etc). Note that you always have an option to set this subscription to be free of charge. 


  • Once you have set subscription plans for all classes, the next step is to select and configure the payment plugin
  • Go to 

      Components -> Membership Pro -> Payment Plugins


  • Click "Published" on the PayPal line if PayPal has not been published yet.
  • Click on  "os_paypal"


  • Select "PayPal Mode" as "Live Mode"
  • In "PayPal Email" write your PayPal business email
  • Select "PayPal Currency" of your choice
  • Click "Save & Close"


  • Test your subscription plan by registering to your class.


Payment plugin as implemented in stormul is a product by "Ossollution Team". To learn more about this product, check out this link.