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  • Under the "Login" button (left-hand side of the screen) click on "Create an account". 


  • On the registration form (see figure below) fill in your Name and Username.
  • Make sure you enter your domain-name as your  "Username" (for example, And, please, don't confuse your Username with your NameNote also that your domain-name does not include "https://"  (for example, if your full url is, then enter only 


  • In case your are tired and missed it, again: Make sure you enter your domain-name as you Username (see instructions above)
  • Fill in the rest of the registration form.
  • Make sure to select "Founder" as a group
  • Click "I am not a robot" in captcha.
  • Click "Register" to submit the registeration form. 




  • Stormul will show up a message about activation e-mail it has sent to you



  • Check your email box for recent e-mails from Stormul (you may have to wait a few minutes for this e-mail to reach your email box). 
  • If you cant see the activation email from Stormul, check your email's Spam box.
  • And again, if you cant see the activation email from Stormul, check your email's Spam box.
  • Click on the activation link inside e-mail to activate your account.



  • Close this page and go back to "Quick Start",  3.2 ":How to Auto-Install Stormul web-site".