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  • Fill in the registration form and submit it. You will see a welcome message and an instruction to check your e-mail.


  • Find recent e-mail from the DigitalOcean and click the activation link (you may need to wait a few minutes for the activation e-mail to reach your mail box).


  • Once you have confirmed your e-mail, the verification page will show up on Digital Ocean for your to enter Billing Info.
  • Click on PayPal tab and earn $5 credit to launch your server.


  • The next step is to launch your server on Digital Ocean (called a "Droplet").    
  • Click "Create New Droplet" to open "Create Droplets" page.
  • Under "Choose an image" select tab "One-click-apps".


  • Click on "LAMP on 14.04". The number here (14.04) denotes the version of the Ubuntu powering your server. 
  • Scroll down.


  • Under "Choose a size" click on the tab "Standard" and select a box with $5/mo. This will give you enough resorces to start playing with your site. You can upgrade it later if needed.

DO 4


  • Scroll down.
  • Leave a section under "Add block storage" unaltered.


  • Scroll down. 
  • Under the title "Choose a datacentre region" select the region of your preference (for example, the region closest to your location).

DO 6


  • Scroll down
  • Leave a section under "Select additional options" unaltered.


  • Scroll down.
  • Under the title "Add your SSH keys" click on "New SSH key"  and copy-paste into the "SSH Key Content" box the following key


ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQC5sUCjsv0tzBwfEIYmOaFa4JJZhPUmAb9sLs1adbOzfmNW86tfXxbj9w/ffQM9tLepbT4PoCiumiRjFcCGKxxcokvwQ5xUTsUkxFC9wqwoFriT2+aDIiIdrNtog8cLrAJjKWXtzpIHl9fCbVz4hY4CwMemZrgh7DVhqOaUTWVTxQ0NTvQlRQFjEICw/K7dUNJ7EeYhBAZ7ryiS/Z/Jj/Cic1y9t9TdAiN8Mg1vmFUWBNR2j4kZBHnsJSVS7hcHfzKC8SHZ3xA0QaFf0YweO64+0+ZoRch7t7BdI5Tlu6/bksPoHfUu4nqY3RLo1PnxBt8Wsjw93VmitadqJqQEvjxp root@stormul


  • Name this key as "Stormul". Note that having this key is critical for the automatic installation of your site. Make sure you do not miss the leading and trailing characters while copy-pasting this key (it shall start with ssh-rsa and end with root@stormul).

DO 9


  • Click on "ADD SSH Key" button. The name "Stormul" will show up under  "Add your SSH keys". Next time you decide to create another droplet, just click on this SSH key to make it available for another droplet too.


  • Under "Finalise and create" in a box "Choose a hostname" enter the name of your droplet (e.g. stdm).
  • Complete creation of the droplet by clicking on the "Create" button (on the bottom side of the screen)

DO 11



  • Wait a few minutes for your droplet to be established.

  • Test your server by entering your droplet's IP in a browser. This should open a joomla start page on your server.



  •  If successful, close this page, return to "Quick Star", and proceed to section 2.2 "How to configure DNS on DigitalOcean. If not, delete your droplete and create it again.