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To assign a new Teacher to the establlished class (for example, Class 1), fisrt

the Founder and the candidate Teacher must agree on

  •  the content of the course
  •  the details of the subscription plan for the Teacher
  •  the details of the subcsription plan for Students.
  •  any further details concerning future collaboration between the Founder and the Teacher.

The details of the subscription plan could be refering to the cost of the subscription, duration of the subscription, recurrent or non-recurrent nature of payments etc.


Having these agreements established, the next step for the Founder is to setup login credentials for the Teacher, and update subscription plans for the Teacher and Students. To acheve these goals the following tasks must be accomplished by the Founder

A) Update login credentials for the Teacher

  •  Login to the backend as Founder
  • Go to Users->Manage


  • Click on teacher1


  • Update name, login name, password, email


  • Save & Close


B) Update subscription forms for the Teacher and Students

  • Go to Components->Membership Pro->Subscription Plans


  • Click on TeacherProfRegistrationClass1 to edit


  • Update subscription form


  • Save & Close


  • Repeat the previous three steps, except that now update subscription plan for Students (i.e. StudentProfRegistrationClass1)



  • Email to the Teacher new login credentials



Once the Teacher knows his login credentials, he can update the password sent by the FounderTo update this password, the following tasks must be accomplished by the Teacher


  • Login to the frontend using credentials sent by the Founder


  • Go to Class1


  • Click on "TeacherProfileClass1"



  • Update password and click "Update" on the bottom of the page



This completes an assignment of a new Teacher to the established class.